TWS Core Team

We finally did it! After an ocean of bureaucracy and restructuring we finally got into our new studio. We’re a small team with great passion and goals, and we’re determined to reach them.
We’re glad to announce and show you the Twin Wolves team is ready for this adventure!
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Paola – Game Desinger

Her great experience brought her in the field of game deveopment. Her passion and commitment make her always aim high… too high, sometimes.

Luca – Game Programmer

More a developer than a gamer but surely has passion for video games. His main work is to lower the aim of Paola and, in spare time, writes bad code.

Alessandro – 3D Generalist

Formerly student and lately teacher in a 3D school, Alessandro is approaching video games world as a generalist 3D artist.

Arianna – Texture Artist

Former Alessandro’s student, Arianna is building her skills as a texture artist and 3D modeller.

Alberto – Technical Artist

Former Alessandro’s student, Alberto is building his skills as a technical artist and bridge between artists and programmers.