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LIZ: Before the Plague

A story driven VR immersive investigation and shooting game
with a horror mood!


Twin Wolves

Twin Wolves is an indie video games development studio born in April 2016 and set in Italy.

The team is made of a mixsture of experienced, talented and promising professionals. Everyone has a strong passion for digital interactive entertainment. The core team has previously worked in some of the most important video game development studios in Italy and Europe. As an indie studio we’re a small team and everyone pushes their skills to the limit. That’s why we actively support the growth of every and each team member.

Passion and will to improve onselves building amazing vide games and experiences. This is how the team works every day with the goal of making video games and products to be proud of.

Our Work

We’re currently working on LIZ: Before the Plague, a story driven VR immersive investigation and shooting game with and a horror mood. We’re working on other side projects, but we never stop imagining and planning new great products for the future.

Our Approach to Development

We are game developers and players at the same time. When we think about a new project to develop, we do it as players in the first place. We design  and build the whole experience involving all the ingredients that we think make a game great. A strong narrative, a solid and immersive world, realistic characters and a lot of emotional communication.

Our Games

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LIZ: Before the Plague

Game ID

A story driven VR horror immersive game with investigative and shooting gameplay dynamics. One night, in a near future, a detective from special investigation Unit, Liz, faces a strange case that seems a common one… but it’s not.

Meet the Team

Paola Pasini
Paola started to work in the game industry in the 2012, as QA Tester, then as Score and Level Designer and finally as Game Designer. She worked for Ubisoft Studios in Milan and Paris in the Just Dance brand and she also collaborated with international companies. In 2014 she started to work in the mobile game world as Game Designer. After all the experience in other studios, she decided to open her own indie video games development studio.
  • Just Dance 2014
  • Just Dance 4
  • Just Dance Now
  • Freight Elevator App
  • Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
  • Microsoft Epic Clerk
  • App Star Wars Rollinz
  • LIZ: Before the Plague
Paola PasiniCo-Founder & CEO
Luca Guareschi
Luca works in the field of game development since 2012. Begins as an indie one-man-team junior developer. Subsequently, he works as gameplay programmer and software architect in an italian company. Here he developed video games for all main mobile platforms, PC, Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as minor gaming consoles, growing as a professional. In 2017 he founded Twin Wolves, an indie digital interactive entertainment development studio, where he's the CTO.
  • Teeter 3D
  • Mediaset Colorado Missione Allegria
  • Ferrero Magic Brian
  • Ferrero Training Garage
  • Chicco Tablet for Kids
  • Microsoft Epic Clerk
  • Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
  • In Space We Brawl
  • LIZ: Before the Plague
  • Various proprietary pipeline tools
  • Various Unity 3D plugins
  • Some other unreleased/non-public projects
Luca GuareschiCo-Founder & CTO


Twin Wolves Studio is always looking for talented individuals with a strong desire to make great video games.

Whether we’re hiring or not we always collect new applications which we examine when needed. If you’re experienced or passionate in games and apps development, get in touch by filling the application form here.



Everything else you need to know

At Twin Wolves we’re focused on B2C which, for us, it means to create great video games for the gamers’ community.

We also like to put our experience at the service of other companies who may need it. That’s why we opened a website dedicated to B2B, to get in touch with all those companies who need our services. For more information visit the B2B website linked below!

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